Stamp concrete in Gatineau and Ottawa

Stamped concrete is made by a stamping process and concrete staining offering a wide range of patterns and textures (stone, brick, slate, ceramic, wood). It allows you to create a landscape giving a ‘’Look’’ richer, luxurious and modern. The stamped concrete can be used to beautify your pool outline, terrace, balcony, sidewalks, stairs and parking area. With our formwork technology, every conceivable form is achievable

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Increased resistance
This product is resistant to freezing, thawing and to petroleum products. In addition, it resists wear, rot, insects and fire.

Weather in Canada do not prevent high product stability preventing the floor again after a few years of wear.

Low maintenance and easy to perform (sealer to 2-3 years) generating low costs and save time. It is also sealed to the undesirable vegetation

Stamped concrete last over 25 years.

Custom design
Allows you to choose patterns, textures and colors to help you create a unique landscape to you and trend.

Competitive price
Prices offered by our company are very competitive with those offering pavers services. However, comparing the quality of our product to that of pavers, the benefits mentioned above allow you to get a great saving of time and money after a few years.


Decorative concrete work ottawa

It is also possible to choose the standard grey concrete with a non-slip applied. This product offers the same benefits as stamped concrete except for the custom design. The standard concrete can be used for the same types of development that the stamped concrete (porch, pool outline, parking, garage, sidewalks etc.)